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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

growing vegetables this year

Well the time is apon us to start growing this years vegetables and I'm really looking forward to it. I bought many packets of vegetable seeds and even bought seeds to grow insect friendly flowers in an attempt to go Organic. I even have 5 seed potatoes chitting on the kitchen window sill.

As my garden is smallish , well the sunny part of it anyway, I plan to grow vegetables in pots as well and interplanted with the flowers and shrubs.

I'll have to do it this way for this year unless of course the ever elusive allotment place appears.

My sister has also offered to let me have some space in her very large garden which I'm thinking about although I may be biting off more work than I can deal with as it's heavy clay soil.

The only problem with these plans for the vegetables is that we also want lots more flowers etc in the garden to bring lots more colour to the place.

The answer really it to move and buy a house with a bigger garden but I'll have to make do with what I have for now :)

Spring is here , well sort of

We have actually got some spring bulb coming up , well one crocus in the front garden but several other look about to appear.

This year we have more spring bulbs than any other as we decided that we needed plenty to make any sort of impact. We've had them on previous years but they kind of get lost as there hasn't really been many of them.

Also the Clematis's we have seem to be showing sign of LOTS of growth this year with many large swollen buds showing. I'm hoping for lots of flowers so fingers crossed :)

Friday, December 30, 2005

Insect home

Also to help control the black fly / green fly etc my lovely wife also bought me a wooden home for ladybirds / lacewings and Mason Bee's .

This will give the insects somewhere to live and help to keep them in the garden controlling the pests and help the plants.

Cold Frame

I also received a Cold frame from my lovely Wife. This should help me with the seed growing in Spring :)

Roll on Spring

Royal Horticultoral Society membership

Well , guess what We got membership to the Royal Horticultoral Society for Christmas.

Can't wait to start using it :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Growing Potatoes for Christmas

I've seen that it is possible to grow potatoes that are ready to eat just in time for you Christmas meal.

The whole idea sounds great to me to have your own fresh home grown potatoes for Christmas day.

This is something I've seen on 2 TV program's now "Gardener's World" and "Heaven's Garden".

Just plant them up in a big tub/bin in September and heh presto Spuds by Christmas.

Although on the forums there seems to be some debate as to whether this is something you would really do or want to do.

I personally think it's a great Idea and although I'm somewhat too late to do it this year I will have a go next :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Heavens Garden for Organic vegetable growing

For those of us in the UK and who have satellite or cable can watch Heaven's Garden on the UK Style Gardens channel. This is based around an pub in Berkshire run by a well known chef and Hanna Genders who has had gardens at Chelsea.

They go though growing organic Vegetables and with little clips related to Organic vegetable gardening around the area.

Worth watching for those organic Vegetable grower out there :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Future is Vegetables, home grown ones

Well it's official Vegetable seed sales are now out performing flower seeds.

The garden center's have now restocked with more up to date trendy seeds.

With the new healthy eating fashions that we have now everyone wants to grow their own vegetables and being a follower of fashion(well sometimes) so do I :)

I've already got some Garlic and some overwintering onions growing and plan to grow what ever else I can fit into the garden next spring.

Although the wife holds her head in her hand with the thought of seed trays everywhere !

I can't help thinking of the 'Good Life' ( UK comedy series in the 70's for those of you outside the UK)

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I've taken the plunge I made inquires about getting an allotment. Would be great if I can get one ready for spring but there's probably a huge waiting list .

Mmm wait and see , will post the result

The Battle against the squirrels continues..

The squirrels have taken to eating all the bird seeds we've left in the bird feeder which we have been hanging from a tree.

However I've devised a simple anti squirrel devise , it's called 'a length of wire'

Simply hang the bird seed feeder on a long branch of our apple tree and from a length of garden wire about a foot long and they can't get at it. So the birds actually get to eat the seeds.

Yeah 1 for me , the battle continues ....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Oestopernums are dead :(

Sob , Sob

I've have some Oestopernums which have been giving great colour in the garden and have grown to a well established size die on me .

They have been hit by the sever frosts we've had.

Being new to gardening I didn't realise they were only semi hardy I mean how are you supposed to know these things?

They were fine last winter , just shows how cold this winter is !!

see pictures of one of the oestopernums , may they RIP.